Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (A.U.Th.) is the largest university institution in Greece and in the Balkans, with approximately 75.000 students. The university campus covers more than 230.000 m2
and it is located in the city center.
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The academic calendar provides a framework for the educational programme and determines the pattern of campus life. There are two semesters each lasting 13 weeks. Here you can find the dates:

A scale of 1 to 10 applies to the marks of each subject in the Hellenic Higher Education. Here you can find how the Grading System in Greece:

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Aristotle University offers Greek Language Courses for Erasmus+ Students:

Aristotle University includes 11 faculties listed below, consisting of 36 schools.
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1. Faculty of Sciences (
a. School of Mathematics
b. School of Physics
c. School of Biology
d. School of Chemistry
e. School of Geology
f. School of Informatics

2. Faculty of Engineering (
a. School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
b. School of Mechanical Engineering
c. School of Architecture
d. School of Civil Engineering
e. School of Chemical Engineering
f. School of Rural and Surveying Engineering
g. School of Spatial Planning and Development Engineering

3. Faculty of Health Sciences (
a. School of Medicine
b. School of Pharmacy
c. School of Dentistry
d. School of Veterinary Medicine

4. Faculty of Philosophy (
a. School of Philology
b. School of History and Archaeology
c. School of Philosophy and Pedagogy
d. School of English Language and Literature
e. School of French Language and Literature
f. School of German Language and Literature
g. School of Italian Language and Literature
h. School of Psychology

5. Faculty of Law (
a. School of Law

6. Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Environment (
a. School of Agriculture
b. School of Forestry and Natural Environment

7. Faculty of Education (
a. School of Early Childhood Education
b. School of Primary Education

8. Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences (
a. School of Physical Education and Sports Sciences
b. School of Physical Education and Sports Sciences (Serres)

9. Faculty of Fine Arts (
a. School of Theatre
b. School of Film Studies
c. School of Music Studies
d. School of Visual and Applied Arts

10. Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences (
a. School of Economics
b. School of Political Sciences
c. School of Journalism and Mass Media Studies

11. Faculty of Theology (
a. School of Theology
b. School of Pastoral and Social Theology